The Contenders

The Contenders is an original, high energy alt-rock band based out of Brevard County.


From Miracles to Ruined is the first album by the American Alternative Metal band Spasm.  The album shows the band's wide range of influences from progressive metal to groove rock and even includes some heavier sounds.

Southern Fried Genocide

Recently released LP ‘Electric Mayhem’ showcases Southern Fried Genocide’s progressive hard rock style, which is laced with hints of psychedelic jams and groovy stoner riffs.  Also, incorporated into the album are the genera’s that have inspired them as developing musicians; from their doom metal

Oranga Tanga

Strange stirrings are reported from the jungle. A breeze swirls the atmosphere like a nun stirs her morning coffee. The smell of drums is heavy in the air, like a remembered punch. The natives, never ones to contemplate these things, are restless and getting restlesser.


Blend infectious melodies, tight harmonies & and a modern funk rock style with lyrics that echo the human condition, & you emerge with the sound of the all original band known as WEEP; 4 women visualizing & building a dream thru music.


We are Loveless! We are a three piece band from Palm Bay Florida that started in February of 2014. We play rock/grunge style of music.The band members are;

Guitar & Vocals - David Gonzalez

Bass & Vocals - Jeff Provenzano

Drums & Vocals - Kioshi

Super Swamper

Goddamn you know who we are !  Ten years and still rolling along.  I will up date this more soon.

The Strangers

This is our band, we are new and up and coming so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for The Strangers. We do anything classy but know how to get down with some blues. Rock and roll saved the world so we are saving rock and roll.