"My Dearest Friend" CD Release Party and Exclusive Video Interview


What an amazing show!  It was very cool to see this great line up at the North End in Cocoa Beach this past Saturday night for the CD Release Party for the band "My Dearest Friend".   I say great because these bands all have a very unique take on music which worked very well that night.  Solo acoustic artist  Patty Bleu, now this girl has a very folk meets punk style mixed with some well thought out lyrics and she gave the crowd a good start of the night. 


When I first got to the North End I ran into Cameron Brintle and Daniel Saraj who are local promoters for a lot of the original bands around Brevard County well turns out they're band "The Harmony Riddle" was up next for this show… I didn't even know any of those guys even played so I was blown away seeing Cameron ripping it up on the drums and Daniel layin' down phat bass lines and a true indie sound coming from there female lead vocalist Natalia (Love the band guys keep that S#&t going).   


The next band to play really blew my mind when they got up there with an Electric solid-body autoharp? A freakin Keytar (Didn’t realize those existed after the 80's) analog synthesizers, electric guitar and drums.  What I heard was the refreshing sound of originality like never before some of there songs were like musical sagas which is a good thing when done with an Autoharp, gotta check these guys people they are suitably called Architects of Fear.


And last but not least "My Dearest Friend"  who came out and just full on stole the show, you guys sounded amazing, love the new style.  The last time I seen them play which was probably like 8 months ago because these fellas have been hiding out making a CD which was actually recorded (very well I will add) in a home studio then mastered professionally.  Youz gotta check this CD its HOT, listened to it all day Sunday reminds me very much of a band I knew of from the 90's Dear Ephesus which in lot of ways did to music what these guys have somehow put together, which is saying "YES! there is more than one way you can push musical restraints to its limits and dont look back". 



Also got to get video of an after the show, way to many beers later interview, in the parking lot  on the back of a van they use to haul there equipment around in.


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-HCM Article by Sammy Rece





         photos by Shelley Chandler

Architects of Fear

The Harmony Riddle


Patty Blue









Patty Blue