Southern Fried Genocide

Recently released LP ‘Electric Mayhem’ showcases Southern Fried Genocide’s progressive hard rock style, which is laced with hints of psychedelic jams and groovy stoner riffs.  Also, incorporated into the album are the genera’s that have inspired them as developing musicians; from their doom metal chart ‘Downtown Julie Brown’ to the open jam Allman Brother-esque instrumental ‘Jimini Cricket’. 

Assembled in Melbourne, Florida by bassist Reid Wehner, singer Steve Spencer and guitarist Wes Diffie from the remnants of a previous project in 2011, Southern Fried Genocide has been constantly blending and experimenting with various hard rock and improvisatory groove musical styles.  Later, recruiting additional guitarist Matt Ousley a.k.a. Bama to create a two-part guitar lead reminiscent of jam bands from the early 70’s.  After finishing up an EP with their new 2 guitar front SFG took a few months to explore new styles and techniques for a new sonic assault.  After recent addition to the group, hard-hitting blues drummer Jeremy Novick, Southern Fried Genocide is ever closer to their desire sound.

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Reid Wehner
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